Mole Removal

Serving NE Indiana

Are you tired of moles damaging your lawn and landscape?  

Are you seeing tunnels under the surface of your grass, or random mounds of soil throughout your property? 

These are definitely signs of moles that are damaging your lawn, and we can help.  Mole Control LLC provides guaranteed mole elimination.


Mole Control LLC offers different service plans to fit your needs for your property, including a 12-month program for homeowners who want the piece of mind knowing that their property will never go without mole coverage. 



We never use poisons or chemicals that could be potentially dangerous to people and pets, we use only traps that are safe and effective.



Through years of experience, coupled with lots of trial and error, we have taken our mole elimination system to its highest level.  When one of our mole trapping professionals visits your property, we will start by analyzing the tunnel systems and areas of mole activity.  We will then start setting our equipment to ensure that we have each area of mole activity addressed.  A mole trapping professional will return to your property every few days to service our equipment and check for new mole activity.  This process is repeated however long it takes to eliminate every mole from your property.

There are no products on the market that are proven effective in deterring new moles from entering your property, so there is always a chance of new moles moving in after the initial population has been eliminated.  



For our clients that choose our comprehensive 12-month program, we make it easy for you to get any new moles removed soon after they move in.  If you notice any new tunneling or mounds appearing on your property, just give us a call or text and we will be there within a few days to reset traps and remove any new moles that have shown up.


Do moles hibernate?

No, moles are active all year long.  As long as the surface of the ground is thawed, we are solving mole issues for our clients.

Will grub control get rid of moles?

No.  While moles do eat grubs, a vast majority of their diet is actually earthworms and insects, so grub control does not eliminate their main food source.  Trapping is the only proven effective method for mole removal.

When is a good time to start a mole elimination program for my property?

Right now.  Since moles are active throughout the entire year, they will continue to damage your property until they are trapped and removed.

How many moles are on my property?

That varies greatly.  Sometimes its just one mole creating the damage to your property.  Some of the properties that we service produce 30-50 moles every single year.  Our mole trapping programs rates are always a flat fee, so you know exactly what to expect regardless of how many moles we remove from your property.